By Olga Kravchuk
Size: 23½″ , handmade, one of a kind
Category: Bears

made from alpaca. filled with synthetic down and mineral granules. inside the skeleton, which allows you to take realistic poses. glass eyes. nose made of polymer clay. fingers on the paws, you can move. claws made of polymer plastic. if you have any questions please ask)

(Russia United States)
Price: USD 420.00

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Review by Denise F.
United States, on Feb 8, 2022

Wrote previous review... excellent.

Review by Denise F.
United States, on Feb 8, 2022

Blue is so big! I didn't think he would be such a hunk of a bear, so it was a nice surprise. He is beautiful with his grey blue like fur. What I love about Olgas bears is that their arms and legs are posable, yet their bodies are soft and squishy. He's a perfect hugger!

Thank you 🤗 I am very pleased 😊
Olga Kravchuk
Review by Claire M.
United Kingdom, on May 7, 2021

This panda is absolutely stunning. Beautifully made gorgeous colours just perfect I love her ❤. Olga is a lovely artist friendly and always happy to help and answer any questions 😊. Thank you

thank you very much 🤗. I am very pleased ❤❤❤
Olga Kravchuk
Review by Hugo 🐻 S.
United States, on Apr 2, 2021

Incredibly lovable, well made, safely packaged, all amazing!! I really loved Sandal as soon as I saw him. Olga is extremely talented and creates such beautiful and cute bears. She's also very helpful and very pleasant to talk to! Answered my questions and happily sent me pictures that i requested before buying!
While Sandal does not have the traditional 360° discs for joints, he has a skeleton, like me! This allows for really nice photos, poses, etc, despite lacking some angles. This however does not draw back from the quality! The skeleton allows for different poses than disc joints, that you otherwise could not get, and like i said while you cant turn things 360°... arms and feet are posed more naturally! Also, the jewelry i found is sewn on, so do be aware of that when you buy a jewelry wearing bear! Personally, i dont mind, but i like the freedom of taking the bracelets on and off, so i did that to him myself. Other buyers may enjoy the fixated positions. The jewelry seems handmade as well, but this i dont know, if thats important to you, feel free to ask her! She seems like she will happily respond to buyers or interested people.
All around, the craftsmanship is excellent, and I really enjoy my (not so) little Sandal around the house with his new friends (my other bears in my collection! :) ) 5 stars!!!

thank you very much 🤗. I am very pleased 😊 and your opinion is very important). I am always happy to answer all your questions 🤗. very very nice ❤. with gratitude Olga ❤❤❤
Olga Kravchuk
Review by Denise F.
United States, on Mar 29, 2021

Oh Sema is a love....she is soft and cuddly. Well made.

very nice ❤❤❤
Olga Kravchuk
Review by Denise F.
United States, on Mar 29, 2021

What a great bear! How I love him!

thanks 🤗
Olga Kravchuk
Review by Susan D.
United States, on Feb 12, 2021

This bear is amazing. I'm very happy.

thank you very much ❤ I'm very glad 🤗
Olga Kravchuk
Review by Linda C.
Australia, on Nov 26, 2020

Purple bear is gorgeous, a stunning soft shade of lilac and super soft fur. He has the loveliest bear face and is beautifully made. Love the detail in the pumpkins too. Highly recommend this bear master.

thank you very much ❤
Olga Kravchuk
Review by Lauren D.
United States, on Sep 21, 2020
Review by Denise F.
United States, on Apr 29, 2020

This bear is the most amazing I have ever owned. Its body, arms, legs, feet, paws, bend in so many ways. I cuddle with it at night and during daytime I pose him in different positions upon my pillow, waiting for me to go to sleep at night. The fur is thick and soft, the expression is sweet. I cannot find one flaw. He is made expertly. I collect many bears, this is by far the best. I have no desire for another, as you cannot get better than this! Thank you Olga!! ♥️

Denise, thank you very much ?. I am very pleased to have such a review. very grateful ❤
Olga Kravchuk

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